The Year's Festival, No. 8 , Has Started
The Folk cocnert has sold out but there are still some tickets available for other events.





The Eigth Balerno Music Festival is on its way, the programme is printed (and here on the website) and tickets are now on sale.  This year's festival was launched at the Balerno Children's Gala on Saturday 30th May and one of our many visitors was our MP Joanna Cherry.

Looking for the floating voter??.



The 'hook the duck' compettition was popular with the children too.


If you would like to help with the organising - we are particularly looking for help in the marketing and ticketing side of things - or if you have any ideas that would help improve the festival then please call our Chairman Ray Wyper on 0131 449 2956  or contact us by e-mail.  

We are very grateful to our sponsors, advertisers, Friends of Balerno Music Festival and of course all the volunteers and audiences for making the festival such an enjoyable success.




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