In the Beginning

Back in the mists of time (circa 2005) Balerno Community Council decided to set up a group to stimulate community activities in Balerno Village; it formed a sub-group called the Balerno Conservation Village Development Forum (BCVDF) which has now evolved into the Balerno Village Trust.

After successfully establishing a monthly Farmers Market BCVDF looked for other activities and one of their number, Richard Henderson, thought that a music festival would be a possibility and gathered a group of people together to discuss the matter – that was early 2007.

The Festival

After about 18 months of planning and with a certain amount of trepidation the first Balerno Music Festival was launched in October 2008.  The hard work put into organising the event paid off – it was an outstanding success. The annual Balerno Music Festival is now an established autumn event and has grown up; it is no longer just a sub-committee of BVT, it is now an unincorporated association with its own constitution.