9th April 2016


In the Beginning

Back in the mists of time (circa 2005) Balerno Community Council decided to set up a group to stimulate community activities in Balerno Village; it formed a sub-group called the Balerno Conservation Village Development Forum (BCVDF) which has now evolved into the Balerno Village Trust.

After successfully establishing a monthly Farmers Market BCVDF looked for other activities and one of their number, Richard Henderson, thought that a music festival would be a possibility and gathered a group of people together to discuss the matter – that was early 2007.

The Festival

After about 18 months of planning and with a certain amount of trepidation the first Balerno Music Festival was launched in October 2008.  The hard work put into organising the event paid off – it was an outstanding success. The annual Balerno Music Festival is now an established autumn event and has grown up; it is no longer just a sub-committee of BVT, it is now an unincorporated association with its own constitution.

The festival started as a single weekend event and was timed to coincide with the October Farmers market.  Such was the success and the clamour for Friday and Saturday evening performances that a second and then a third weekend were added.  The now established pattern is that the festival finishes on the Farmer’s Market weekend.

The events in the festival are organised by partner organisations who are key to the success of the whole venture. Balerno Folk Club and Balerno Parish Church have been partners since the very beginning but as the festival has grown so have the number of partners to the point that in our tenth year the festival has eight partner organisations.

  • Balerno Bowling Club
  • Balerno Folk Club
  • Balerno Parish Church
  • Balerno Theatre Company
  • Balerno Village Screen
  • Currie Rugby Club
  • Juniper Green Parish Church
  • Pentland Singers

We’re now in our eleventh year and are looking forward to another fantastic festival.