9th April 2016


This year’s community run Balerno Music Festival will take place in Balerno between Wednesday 26th September and Sunday 14th October.  A fantastic opportunity to enjoy a rich and diverse programme of music targeted at all ages.

The Festival is organised by the Balerno Music Festival Society and its partners.  Events are hosted by Balerno Bowling Club, Balerno Folk Club, Balerno Parish Church, Balerno Theatre Company, Balerno Village Screen, Currie Rugby Club, Juniper Green Parish Church and Pentland Singers.

By becoming a Friend of Balerno Music Festival you will

  • benefit from advance ticket sales (Friends will be able to buy 2 tickets per event, subject to availability, 2 weeks before they go on general sale at the Balerno Children’s Gala)
  • not need to pay the £2 adminstration charge if ordering online.
  • be entitled to vote at the AGM
  • most of all you benefit through knowing that you are helping to put something back into the community and will have a good time doing it.

How to become a Friend

You can become a Friend of Balerno Music Festival for a donation of £10.

  1. During the part of the year when tickets are on sale you simply download the booking form when it is published and  complete the section on page 2 Friends of Balerno Music Festival Application form send the completed form with your remittance to Balerno Music Festival, c/o Balerno Parish Church Office, St.Joseph’s Centre, 2 Main St., Balerno EH14 7EH
  2. If ordering online tickets, add your Friend Application to your ticket purchases by clicking here.
  3. To become a Friend when tickets are not on sale and there is no combined booking form you can download the Friends Application Form and follow the instructions above.

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