9th April 2016

Past Festivals: 2015


The Balerno Music Festival is over but the Show goes on

‘Fantastic! In fact everything about the Balerno Music Festival is amazing,’ was said after Jessica Leary and Friends bowed out at the ‘Gala Night’. These words were echoed by audiences throughout the three weeks of the festival and were music to the ears of the BMF society who knew that, despite, some tricky times the 8th Festival had been a great success..

This year we had 24 varied events, it included events where local talent was on show, we had children’s events, there was classical, folk, Scottish and Jazz; truly something for just about everyone.  There were good attendances at all the events with the Folk Concert and Purves Puppets being complete sellouts.

We know that the festival would not happen without a lot of help the volunteers who work hard in the background.  Also key is the support from C&B News and Scotmid for throughout the last eight years and our other sponsors who, like Friends of the Festival, make donations to bolster much needed funds. Most of all there would be no show without our faithful audiences who have attended the events year after year and enjoy the great musical events which the musicians, professional and amateur, bring right to their doorsteps. We thank you all.

So the show goes on and plans are already being made for 2016 because there’s a lot of work to be done to help us achieve our aims to bring music to the community and encourage young people to develop their musical skills. We welcome suggestions by you such as providing events for older children and involving them more with our plans. Perhaps you have ideas to help us do this. Now is the time to improve and change. Perhaps you would like to join our committee. We need more help especially from people who could bring a younger perspective to our group. The only qualification you need is to have a love of music.  All are welcome!